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today Archive: 03/2018
Y-PLAN Mind Mapping

event • Posted by Selena Perez Tejeda
Y-PLAN is not only an acronym, Youth - Plan, Learn, Act, Now!, it is also a pun. Why plan? At its core, Y-PLAN guides students through the process of digging deeper into the questions of why. Why do we plan? Why are conditions the way they are in one part of the city and not another. Why not vision and plan for a more equitable future? One of the first activities that introduces students to these questions is mind mapping.
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turned_in RBD / Richmond / Sacramento
TOMODACHI by Nao Sagawa

event • Posted by Y-PLAN Team
Hi everyone! My name is Nao Sagawa and I am currently a global student intern at CC+S. Five years ago, I was one of the first students to come to UC Berkeley through a summer program called TOMODACHI, where I participated in Y-PLAN research and activities. I returned this summer as a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) to help out with the program. In today’s post, I would like to share my personal story and connection with Y-PLAN.
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turned_in Japan
Y-PLAN Africa: Reciprocal Learning in Action

event • Posted by Y-PLAN Team
Why, in the richest country in the world, are so many homeless people living on the streets with nowhere to go? We are surprised that American youths don’t know how to kill a chicken! These were some of the many questions and observations posed by 60 Sub-Saharan African students and their teachers when they came to Berkeley to participate in a 3-week intensive Y-PLAN studio.
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turned_in Africa
A Glimpse into a Y-PLAN Site Mapping Tour Written By Kana Goto, Vanessa Vasquez, Nao Sagawa

event • Posted by Y-PLAN Team
Get a glimpse into a Y-PLAN site tour through the eyes of the UC Berkeley mentors supporting Kennedy High School's IT Academy seniors as they visited Richmond’s Point Molate, San Francisco's Union Square, and the offices the Resilient by Design HOME Team's Mithun architecture and design firm.
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turned_in RBD / Richmond