This year, CC+S entered into an exciting partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments (MTC/ABAG) to generate youth insights, recommendations, and proposals to inform the Horizon initiative.


Building on last year’s regional resilience Youth Challenge, the Y-PLAN Bay Area Horizon Partnership will utilize the award-winning Y-PLAN methodology to examine the future of schools in the Bay Area in the year 2050. Across the nine Bay Area counties, over 350 students in elementary, middle and high schools have been researching how our region’s transportation, land use, economic development, and resilience decisions will impact schools and propose strategies that allow schools and their communities to thrive in an uncertain future.


This analysis will support the Horizon initiative, a current regional planning effort led by MTC and ABAG exploring the pressing issues and possible challenges Bay Area residents may face through 2050, while developing strategies for making better transportation and infrastructure investments regardless of what the future holds.


Students are meeting with MTC/ABAG representatives, conducting neighborhood mapping and site visits around their communities, and crafting proposals to present at the Y-PLAN Policy Summit: Planning a More Inclusive and Resilient Region on Thursday April 25th at UC Berkeley International House.


To attend the Y-PLAN Policy Summit as a respondent to support their work - RSVP here!


To learn more about the Y-PLAN Bay Area Horizon projects, click here.