We're honored to receive a Bay Area Metro Award for our work with Resilient by Design bringing young people's ideas into a regional climate resilience challenge. The new joint MTC and ABAG awards program honors positive impacts on the Bay Area’s mobility, affordability, resilience and community and recognizes efforts that make the region a better place to live, work and play. Watch the video below to learn more about the award:

A sister design challenge to Resilient by Design, the Y-PLAN Resilient by Design Youth Challenge supported over 800 students in 13 elementary and high schools in five Bay Area cities - Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco, East Palo Alto, and San Rafael - in developing proposals to address sea level rise and climate change in their communities.

The Youth Challenge not only led to tangible next steps in each of the five cities but also paved the way for this year's work with MTC and ABAG on the future of schools in 2050. At CC+S, the Youth Challenge has led to a focus on equity in resilience planning and regionalism and we look forward to continuing to plan inclusive and resilient cities that prioritize the needs of young people and existing residents and a just transition towards an equitable, livable future Bay Area.

More information can be found on MTC's website.