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"We are excited about this opportunity for a two-way exchange through the program. It’s been great to share what we’ve learned and also hear from students about their real-world experiences… A lot of our engagement with folks is with the older generation and we don’t hear enough from the younger generation. With Y-PLAN, we are trying to bring those voices to the table." / Dave Vautin, Principal Planner, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Horizon student group
Horizon student group

The UC Berkeley Center for Cities + Schools (CC+S) has partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments (MTC and ABAG) to generate youth insights, recommendations, and proposals to inform their Horizon initiative. Using the award-winning Y-PLAN methodology, the Y-PLAN Bay Area - Horizon Partnership is examining the future of schools in the Bay Area, and providing analysis, insights, and recommendations to support the Horizon initiative. During the 2018-19 school year, Y-PLAN Student Scholars from across all 9 counties in the Bay Area region are responding to the following project question:

Considering impacts to and from transportation, land use and housing, economic development, and resilience, how can Bay Area schools and communities thrive in the year 2050?

CC+S has a two-pronged approach to eliciting policy recommendations from more than 350 students across the Bay Area region to inform the Horizon initiative. Through the five-step Y-PLAN methodology, elementary, middle and high school student scholars are examining current conditions within their communities and developing proposals for a thriving school and community in the year 2050. First, CC+S is implementing 10-week intensive MTC Horizon focused projects in five Bay Area counties with experience in the Y-PLAN civic learning methodology: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Solano. One project was completed in Contra Costa County in the fall of 2018, and full implementation projects in the remaining counties started this spring and are well into the research and data collection steps of the Y-PLAN process. Second, CC+S has implemented shorter, school-based workshop in counties new to Y-PLAN including Sonoma, Santa Clara, and Napa counties, and will conduct one final workshop in Marin county as well.

In all Y-PLAN projects, students work together with professionals to collect primary source data through neighborhood mapping, surveys, and interviews, conduct secondary source research of best practices, analyze their current conditions. They move from analysis into generating solutions for our future, as they voice their insights and recommendations for the project question. Work from all nine counties will be showcased at the Y-PLAN Regional Policy Summit at UC Berkeley on April 25th.

brightness_7 Impact By the Numbers
Horizon: 1 Year
people350+ students
school10 schools
account_balance50+ civic partners
supervisor_account20+ educators
developer_board10 city-school projects
Horizon students
Horizon students presenting
"CC+S’s partnership with MTC represents an exciting next step following the Y-PLAN Resilient by Design Youth Challenge. This time, we are working regionally with students from all nine Bay Area counties to address the future of schools in our region. The Horizon Partnership is a unique opportunity to bring young people into our regional long-range planning process - especially with a topic so deeply connected to young people’s lived experience and expertise." / Deborah McKoy, Executive Director, Center for Cities + Schools