San Francisco, California

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"We need to deconstruct stigma around homelessness. Many people think the San Francisco homeless population is from elsewhere when in reality 69% of homeless are San Francisco natives and the majority have lived in San Francisco for at least 5 years. The homeless population is growing but it's due to no affordable units and not enough shelters. Some homeless people do work but they don't always have access to a shower and people aren't likely to hire someone who could drive business away." / Y-PLAN Student, Balboa High School

SF Roots of Discovery

During more than a decade of Y-PLAN implementation in San Francisco, the Center for Cities + Schools has partnered with the San Francisco Planning Department to help infuse youth vision and voice into plans citywide. Over the years, several San Francisco public elementary and high schools have implemented Y-PLAN projects, enabling students to inform San Francisco Planning Department projects, from creek restoration to street beautification to affordable housing and equitable transit. San Francisco Y-PLAN classes have also partnered with the Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge and the Horizon Initiative from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments. By training city planners to more effectively engage young people in all planning processes, the full potential of Y-PLAN San Francisco is only beginning to emerge, and this work has informed the development of San Francisco Planning Department's Child and Youth Engagement Strategy website.

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San Francisco: 15+ Years
people1400+ students
school5+ schools
account_balance40+ civic partners
supervisor_account20+ educators
developer_board40+ city-school projects
Healthy Cities Global Initiative Elementary Designs
Healthy Cities Global Initiative Elementary Presentations
"I would love it if we would get to eventually build a real gateway to connect the communities… making the conceptual things more permanent and real… something that when my students have grandkids they can say, 'Hey, we were the ones that came up with that idea! And it's still here.' And not just a statue or memorial, but something useful that is involved in interfacing the school and the community." / 4th Grade Teacher, Malcolm X Elementary
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