CC+S's 2019 Y-PLAN Policy Summit: Planning for a More Inclusive and Resilient Region brought together over 150 Y-PLAN scholars from around the Bay Area to present their research and proposals for greater equity across our region both now and in the future to over 80 community and civic partners.


~ Over 150 Y-PLAN scholars representing a regional cohort of 800+ students from 21 schools in 12 cities presented their proposals and shared their insights at the Summit.

~ More than 80 local and regional community and civic partners and educators engaged in dialogue with the Y-PLAN scholars on their proposals.

~ View this year's list of projects here.

~ Key themes felt across the region: Affordable housing now!; Equitable transportation options at the local and regional scale; Address current environmental inequities when planning for climate change

~ Respondents from Metropolitan Transportation Commission, New Way Homes, City of Oakland Public Works - Sustainability, Oakland Unified School District, and Facebook offered their reflections of the day as Y-PLAN Clients.

 “Educar a la comunidad para que dejen de contaminar la tierra, ya que eso daña a la atmósfera y nadie sabe si con este daño lleguemos a vivir hasta el 2050.”

“Educate the community so that they stop contaminating Earth, because it impacts the atmosphere, and nobody knows if we will live to the year 2050.”

- Escuela Popular student, San Jose


“MTC/ABAG proudly partnered with Y-PLAN in 2019, collaborating with the next generation of planners to imagine the future of schools and communities in the Bay Area. The Y-PLAN Policy Summit reflected young people’s vision of the Bay Area – its diversity, its innovative spirit, and its optimism for overcoming the challenges of today. We look forward to continuing our work with youth across the Bay Area to plan for a more affordable, connected, diverse, healthy, and vibrant region – for all.”

– Raquel Trinidad, MTC/ABAG Project Manager



"It was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I've done as a teacher. I know the students were really proud of themselves, and it really meant a lot to have our Client New Way Homes and CC+S truly listen to their ideas."

- Mallory Logan, Oakland HS teacher


What's Next

Next year Y-PLAN celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we are beginning preparations to truly celebrate all Y-PLAN alumni, their powerful ideas, and the impact their work has on our cities from Berkeley to Brooklyn to Tohoku, Japan!

To get us started, look out for our forthcoming CC+S Y-PLAN White Paper capturing key insights and inspiration from our recent work in the Bay Area and beyond. From this analysis, CC+S has developed a set of recommendations for cities across the region and globe to engage young people and schools in planning equitable, resilient and joyful places for everyone!

Y-PLAN Alumni: Click here if you'd like to be part of our exciting upcoming Y-PLAN @ 20 celebration.

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Thank you to the Mercury News, SF Chronicle, the Press Democrat, the Almanac and Patch for great coverage showcasing the importance of youth-driven city planning to respond to critical regional issues.