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today Archive: 07/2017
Family Friendly San Francisco

event • Posted by Selena Perez Tejeda
Responding to the challenge posed by the SF Planning Department, these first grade students worked in teams to create posters articulating their thoughts, feelings, hopes and desires for the urban environments we all occupy. Each team took on a theme: Transportation, Safety, Adventure, Learning, Stewardship, Equity, Wild Space, Fun, and Diversity. They studied inspiring examples of public spaces in cities around the world and then translated their dreams and visions into collages, drawings, and writing. They have concepts to give us about how to enhance the city in ways in which they — and all of us — can thrive.
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turned_in San Francisco
Y-PLAN NYC Students Tackle Homelessness

event • Posted by Ciera Dudley
“From a personal experience, when I was younger I had to go through the shelter system, and I had to miss a lot of school, and I missed like half of third grade. Missing a lot of school caused me to get held back. I had speaking problems, I had social problems. So we felt like the school website would show that we really want to help them out.” –Y-PLAN Student at High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology, speaking to Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna and Deputy Policy Director Jeff Lowell
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turned_in New York City