This year, fifth grade students at Verde Elementary School in North Richmond, California, took on a local “real world” challenge: How can we beautify the public spaces in our neighborhood while celebrating our community history and pride? Professional architects and planners engaged the students in a series of hands-on studio workshops using the Y-PLAN 5-step methodology in the spring. Then over the summer, 100 TOMODACHI Y-PLAN Japanese students also engaged in the Y-PLAN process as they focused on North Richmond. Inspired by the work of the younger local students, they generated a set of long-term and short-term recommendations about how the community might become more vibrant, creative, and connected. Within the framework of their long-term proposals, four groups of 25 students each also generated a plan to build out one small component of their vision during a Day of Action. Read more about the exciting connections made and actions students took in North Richmond!