Y-PLAN Healthy Richmond gathers over 200 students, civic and educational leaders, and community memberstopresent recommendations on planning a healthy, vibrant Richmond and healthier pathways for all!

Y-PLAN Healthy Richmond Final Presentation key highlights:


- Mayor Tom Butt serves as a high profile reviewer during Y-PLAN Richmond poster presentations offering good questions and suggestions for the future! "I want many of these ideas moved into action, and soon!" 

Richmond Deputy Superintendent Wendell Greer offered welcoming remarks aligning the goals of Y-PLAN to WCCUSD's Linked Learning academic goals and mission. 

- Long time Y-PLAN Ally and Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay inspired everyone sharing how the City of Richmond has moved into "Y-Implement" now, ensuring students voices and visions for the future are incorporated into policy and action to make Richmond a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable city for all! 

- Contra Costa Health Services Director Dan Peddycord offered inspiring closing remarks sharing  how important it is to learn from and with young people. He then went on to delight everyone, especially the students, with an invitation to serve in his office this summer as an intern to "sit at the Contra Costa policy making table!"

- The evening couldn't have concluded with a more fitting talk than remarks from Kennedy High School graduate (and Y-PLAN alumni from 2008) Inez Hudson! She spoke directly to the students on the importance of speaking your mind, sharing your ideas, and reaching out for help to access and succeed in college. Inez recently graduated from Kentucky State University with a Bachelors in Science and ambitions to become a doctor and serve the Richmond community. 

Deputy Superintendent Greer and long timeCity Manager Bill Lindsay set the tone for the evening with their keynote speeches praising the efforts of the young people present and expressing their hope for increased youth engagement through Y-PLAN in the future. Amanda Elliott, Executive Director of the Richmond Main Street Initiative and Y-PLAN Client for De Anza and Kennedy High Schools, then highlighted the work her organization has been doing to improve the historic downtown area of Richmond. She presented the project question that served as the focus of the De Anza and Kennedy students' work: "How can we build a more healthy and vibrant Richmond for and with young people?”  The students took the stage next. Presentations from DeAnza and Kennedy High Schools focused on health and digital access in downtown Richmond, and Richmond High School Health Academy students shared their innovative project to offer a class on mental health to local middle schools working in partnership with Contra Costa Health Services. Our esteemed panel provided feedback to students on their proposals. Members of the panel included: Bill Lindsay, Richmond City Manager; Amanda Elliot, Executive Director for Richmond Main Street Initiative; Shelly Fields, Assistant Principal at De Anza High School;  Betty Geishirt Cantrell, Director of SparkPoint; Shannon Ladner-Beasley, Manager at Contra Costa Health Services; Cedrita Clairborne, Program Manager at Contra Costa Health Services; and Arnold Dimas, Richmond High School Student and former Y-PLAN participant.

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the Y-PLAN and to thank all of you for your efforts on behalf of WCCUSD! I am truly sold on the Y-Plan structure for meaningful Work-Based Learning and service learning projects...  I loved the student ideas and presentations, and the"defense" type activity [in front of the panel] aligns so beautifully with all of our efforts to help students attain college and career readiness!" - Mary Kadri, College and Career Pathways Coordinator for West Contra Costa Unified School District

“We were honored to partner with Y-PLAN and the teachers at De Anza and Kennedy to bring this curriculum to the students”, said Alicia Gallo, outreach coordinator at Richmond Main Street Initiative. “Downtown was once the center of life in Richmond…now it is coming back and we want to make sure that it does so in a way that is beneficial for all Richmond residents. Exploring creative solutions and tapping into the experience and unique expertise that youth offer is crucial."