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What if young people had the opportunity to navigate the city as full-fledged stakeholders within a powerful network and to contribute in crafting its future?

For more than two decades, Y-PLAN (Youth - Plan, Learn, Act Now) has centered youth engagement in city planning through an intergenerational community of practice partnering low-income young people of color with the adults charged with planning their cities as agents of change.

Y-PLAN Theory of Change

As students gain access to professionals and tools, adult leaders gain access to the lived experiences of the youth living in their communities. In doing so, they learn to navigate their cities and schools through each others’ eyes. Working collectively, all participants begin to transform themselves and their urban ecosystems, never losing sight of their local context and reminding each other of the needs and complexities of their communities.

Together all participants gain a new and essential understanding of what it means to truly plan a just and joyful city.

Y-PLAN Theory of Change

Y-PLAN is a unique, powerful, and flexible strategy that:
  • Partners young people with an authentic civic client who seeks actionable recommendations to address current challenges in their city.
  • Maintains a social justice and equity focus. The ultimate goal and outcomes of the collaborative planning work must provide a public good.
  • Keeps the work place-based, grounding young people and adults together with the goal of improving their local communities.
  • Implements a school-based curriculum designed to engage all students in critical inquiry within their public school classrooms, often the best place to reach socio-economically diverse young people.
  • Adheres to a rigorous 5-step research methodology based on more than two decades of city planning and education research at UC Berkeley.

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Y-PLAN Elements

verified_userOutcomes The Y-PLAN "Double Bottom Line"

Students: Y-PLAN builds the capacity of young people to effectively contribute youth-driven data and insight to the planning and policy making process; develops college, career, and community readiness skills.

Communities: Y-PLAN builds the capacity of civic leaders to value and use youth insight to create better plans, policies, and more healthy, sustainable, and joyful places for everyone.

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  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creation & Innovation
  • Communication
  • Community Contributions

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