The featured projects and testimonials below illustrate what the methodology looks like in practice, the wide range of topics projects explore, and student accounts of the Y-PLAN experience.

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Oakland, CA | High school students worked with Oakland’s Climate Program Coordinator to understand how can green infrastructure can address local climate impacts and equity issues.

Oakland, CA | High school students and administrators at the Oakland Unified School District investigated how the district could better support homeless youth.

San José, CA | As part of its Vision Zero initiative to reduce pedestrian fatalities, San José’s Department of Transportation collaborated with middle and high school students.

San Francisco, CA | Elementary school students partnered with San Francisco’s Planning Department and administrators at Malcolm X Academy to make both their school and the Bayview neighborhood safer, more vibrant, and environmentally equitable.

Project Videos

Resilient By Design Youth Challenge | Bay Area, CA

Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge (RbD) was a bold, regional initiative to prepare Bay Area cities for climate change impacts. Over 800 elementary and high school students worked with world-class architects, engineers, scientists, and city planners to create innovative, climate resilience strategies.

Brightening Broadway | New York City, NY

Students from EBC High School partnered with Council Member Reynoso and New York City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to reimagine a two-mile stretch of Broadway, a major roadway in Brooklyn. Students developed proposals for how DOT’s ‘artervention’ for the corridor could promote themes of inclusivity, diversity, and immigration.

Connecting BART to the Community | Oakland, CA

In 2017, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which connects the San Francisco region, faced the issue of declining ridership. To address this challenge, BART officials partnered with AAMA (African American Male Achievement) high school students to understand how its stations in Oakland could be better connected to the communities they serve.

Improving Student Health | Richmond, CA

Public school leaders and county officials participated in Y-PLAN in order to create more opportunity-rich learning environments for young people and to address social determinants that worsen health outcomes and fuel the school-to-prison pipeline. They collaborated with students from Richmond, California’s De Anza High School, who developed strategies for improving students’ social, emotional, and physical wellness.

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