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Higher-Ed Partner Guide

Why Y-PLAN [Higher Education]

Student & Community Outcomes

Y-PLAN Six Essentials

Is Y-PLAN Right for You? [Higher-Ed]

Role of Higher-Ed Partners

How to Prepare for a Y-PLAN Project [Higher-Ed]

Project Timeline & Pacing

Learn About City Planning

City Planning Terms

Learn About K-12 Education

K-12 Education Terms

Creating a Youth-Friendly Project Question

[Template] Y-PLAN Project Packet

[Sample 1] Y-PLAN Project Packet

[Sample 2] Y-PLAN Project Packet

[TEMPLATE] Scheduling Key Events

[SAMPLE] Scheduling Key Events

[SAMPLE] College Mentor Schedule

Tips for Y-PLAN College Mentors

Using Digital Tools

Y-PLAN Module 1

Y-PLAN Module 2

[SAMPLE 1] Site Visit Itinerary

[SAMPLE 2] Site Visit Itinerary

[Sample 1] Site Visit Handout

[Sample 2] Site Visit Handout

[Sample 3] Site Visit Handout

Y-PLAN Module 3