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[TEMPLATE] Y-PLAN Curriculum Planner

[TEMPLATE] Scheduling Key Events

[SAMPLE] Scheduling Key Events

[SAMPLE] College Mentor Schedule

Tips for Y-PLAN College Mentors

Using Digital Tools

Y-PLAN Module 1

M1.1 What is Y-PLAN? [Lesson Plan]

M1.1 – What is Y-PLAN? (Y-PLAN BINGO) [Student Worksheet]

M1.2 – ‘Where I’m From’ Poem [Lesson Plan]

M1.2 – ‘Where I’m From Poem’ [Student Worksheet]

M1.3 – Project Question [Lesson Plan]

M1.3 – Project Question [Student Worksheet]

M1.4 What We Bring to the Table [Lesson Plan]

M1.4 – What We Bring to the Table [Student Worksheet]

Participating in Classroom Visits [Civic Clients]

[SAMPLE] Client Presentation for Classroom Visit

Y-PLAN Module 2

M2.1 Mind Mapping [Lesson Plan]

M2.1.1 Mind Mapping [Student Worksheet]

M2.1 Site Mapping [Lesson Plan]

M2.1 Site Mapping [Student Worksheet]

M2.2 SWOT Analysis [Lesson Plan]

M2.2 SWOT Analysis [Student Worksheet]

M2.3 Primary Data Collection [Lesson Plan]

M2.3 Primary Data Collection [Student Worksheet]

M2.4 Interviewing Stakeholders [Lesson Plan]

M2.4 Interviewing Stakeholders [Student Worksheet]

M2.4 Telling the Story [Lesson Plan]

M2.4.1 Telling the Story [Student Worksheet]