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M2.5 Surveying Stakeholders [Lesson Plan]

M2.5 Surveying Stakeholders [Student Worksheet]

8 Steps to Plan a Site Visit

[SAMPLE 1] Site Visit Itinerary

[SAMPLE 2] Site Visit Itinerary

[Sample 1] Site Visit Handout

[Sample 2] Site Visit Handout

[Sample 3] Site Visit Handout

Participating in Site Visits [Civic Clients]

Y-PLAN Module 3

M3.1 Finding Inspiration [Lesson Plan]

M3.1 Finding Inspiration [Student Worksheet]

Digital Inspiration Tour

M3.2 Brainstorming Charrette [Lesson Plan]

M3.2 Brainstorming Charrette [Student Worksheet]

M3.3 Consider Pros & Cons [Lesson Plan]

M3.3 Consider Pros & Cons [Student Worksheet]

M3.4 Our Plan for Change [Lesson Plan]

M3.4 Our Plan for Change [Student Worksheet]

[SAMPLE] Higher-Ed In-Class Demonstration

Y-PLAN Module 4

M4.1 Desk Critique [Lesson Plan]

M4.2 Prepare to Present [Lesson Plan]

M4.2 Prepare to Present [Student Worksheet]

M4.3 Final Presentation [Teacher Planner]

Participating in Final Presentations [Civic Clients]

[SAMPLES] Final Poster Boards

[TEMPLATE] Final Student Presentation

[TEMPLATE] Final Presentation Scorecard

Y-PLAN Module 5