Planning healthy, vibrant cities for and with young people
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Y-PLAN is a unique, award-winning educational strategy that empowers young people to tackle real-world problems in their communities through project-based civic learning experiences.

Whether you're an educator or civic leader, learn more about how Y-PLAN strengthens schools and cities.
Y-PLAN 20th anniversary
20 Years of Y-PLAN!
To mark the important milestone of Y-PLAN's 20th anniversary, we are excited to share our "Voices from the Field" Y-PLAN @ 20 Reflection Series offering inspiring insights from alumni and partners sharing their experience and "why Y-PLAN?"

Y-PLAN Connects
Building Community in Place
Y-PLAN Connects is a new, innovative strategy that aims to meet the changing needs of educators, civic partners, and young people both for now and in the future.
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Through Y-PLAN, young people become agents of change in their communities. Students take on projects focused on improving public transportation, access to green space, public art and civic space, healthy eating and active living, and more.

I want my younger brothers and sisters to grow up in a better place than I did. Working on the Y-PLAN project lets me make a change - not just for me, but for everyone else. - Esther, 12th Grade, Richmond, CA