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The Y-PLAN Roadmap for Change

Y-PLAN Roadmap

Y-PLAN DIY Toolkit

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) toolkit allows teachers, community members, and civic leaders bring their own Y-PLAN projects to life. Explore the curriculum and activities below to learn about Y-PLAN's unique approach to project-based civic learning experiences and get started Y-PLANning!

For Schools:
  • Y-PLAN Mini is a hands-on rapid learning experience and introduction to the Y-PLAN method. Core milestones can be implemented in 3-5 hours.
  • Y-PLAN DIY is a step-by-step curriculum and teacher guide. It provides lessons, activities, and technology options for each module in the Y-PLAN 5 step methodology.
For Cities + Civic Partners:
  • The Y-PLAN Civic Partner Guide is a detailed set of resources to help Y-PLAN project clients prepare for and implement city planning projects with schools and young people.
  • The Y-PLAN Six Essentials outline key principles to consider and continually address when engaging with young people in collaborative, civic-led city planning.
General Resources:
  • Planning 101
  • Education 101