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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Y-PLAN

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Y-PLAN works intensively with school districts and cities in key locations (currently California and New York City). But you can bring Y-PLAN to a classroom or community development project anywhere in the world!

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Y-PLAN toolkit allows teachers, community members, or civic leaders bring a one-day modified Y-PLAN project to life. Y-PLAN Mini has the curriculum and activities you need to succeed, and can be implemented in 3-5 hours. It can also serve as a perfect introduction to Y-PLAN’s unique approach to project-based civic learning experiences.

Click on the interactive road map below to view curriculum and milestones for each step of the Y-PLAN methodology.

Module 1: Start Up

Objective: Participants will define the project question and develop essential relationships

check_boxCore Milestones:
  • Find our Strengths
  • Identify the Challenge
  • Meet the Client
  • Create a Roadmap


AoIT scanners
Mini Showcase: AoITmore_vert
Module 1close

Y-PLAN Instructor: Shanae Brown
Client: AoIT Principal Cynthia Fowlkes
School: Academy of Innovative Technology (AoIT)
City: Brooklyn, New York
Project Question: How does scanning slow down the education process?

Module 2: Making Sense of the City

Objective: Participants will conduct community-based research to address project question

check_boxCore Milestones:
  • Map the Neighborhood
  • Understand the Project Site
  • Interview the Community
  • Tell the Story


AoIT Mind Map
Mini Showcase: AoITmore_vert
Module 2close

Students gathered data and conducted research by creating mind-maps of their project site: the entrance of their campus. They created a questionnaire and surveyed different members within the school community. They also created a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) of security scanners.

Module 3: Into Action

Objective: Participants will brainstorm solutions and develop proposals for change

check_boxCore Milestones:
  • Gather Inspiration
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Create a Vision
  • Plan for Change


Mini Showcase: AoITmore_vert
Module 3close

Students collected their findings and brainstormed proposals. They created tables and graphs from survey responses, and created a final report of their research and feedback.

Module 4: Going Public

Objective: Participants will create and present final proposals for change

check_boxCore Milestones:
  • Maximize Impact
  • Prepare Presentation
  • Present to the Public


Mini Showcase: AoITmore_vert
Module 4close

Students presented their findings to their classmates and to their client, Principal Fowlkes.

Module 5: Looking Forward & Back

Objective: Participants will reflect on lessons learned and strategize next steps

check_boxCore Milestones:
  • Reflect on Successes
  • Letter to Client
  • College Essay
  • Action Plan


AoIT building
Mini Showcase: AoITmore_vert
Module 5close

Students completed their Y-PLAN Mini by writing a Client Letter to Principal Fowlkes and other administrators outlining their work and summarizing their recommendations.

The Y-PLAN Toolkit has been designed to equip educators, adult allies, and young people with the resources and "know-how" to develop and implement community development projects.

  • Planning 101
  • Education 101